Sunday, August 22, 2010

Working On The Self/Risks

For the past year I've been trying to be more true to myself. It has been hard but every day that goes by has been easier. The past two weeks have experienced the most change on outlook and physical well being. I'm pretty happy about that actually. I fear though that old habits die hard. But... I'm thinking if I do have a glitch, I just need to remember how I feel in this very moment.

I rather enjoy change. I also like new experiences and meeting new people. One day I'd love to travel the world. Unfortunately, that does take some monetary start up. Plus, being female, I have to take some extra precautions when it comes to travel. This upsets me actually. I wish it weren't like that.

My life is at a crossroads and I'm still looking at the map trying to choose the best route. I'm trying to listen to my heart and listen to logic. Logic has given me a clear answer but my heart is still undecided. Perhaps this is the "crisis" of most people in their early to mid twenties face. Hell, this is probably a "crisis" that most people face sometime in their lifetime. What I'd really like to hear about is other people's crossroads and what they did about it. And if they believe it was the best choice for them. And why.

Choices contain risks and risks are what make life worth living. Without taking a chance we'll never get answers we seek. I like risks, but they are calculated risks. I've jumped out of an airplane and invested over a grand that took me forever to save in t-shirts that may or may not be sold (among other risks throughout my life). A certain amount of trust was invested in those endeavors and luckily I've at least broke even on all of them in terms of gain and loss. All the while I was fully aware of the consequences if things happened to go "wrong". So I'm not afraid to take risks. The choice is in which risk to take.

This blog post isn't funny and it jumps around a lot. I don't really care though. My brain just wanted to vomit this out.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Clogging the Work Toilet

Yup. We're gonna talk about poop. Classy, no?

Lately it seems, good hearty poops are all the rage. We lead the way into the 21st century holding our colon cleanses high in the air exclaiming, "I POOP FREQUENTLY AND HAVE IDEAL GIRTH!" Well, guess what folks, I was a trend setter way back in the 90's.

Consequently, I've become a bit neurotic when it comes to using a restroom other than mine when it comes to pooping. Particularly when that restroom only has one toilet and no plunger in sight. The beauty of public restrooms with multiple toilets is you can always use the excuse of "it was that other chick". Unless, of course, there's a line. Then you can either let everyone know you destroyed the toilet or wait out the crowd and possibly make fart noises with your mouth so everyone doesn't think you're stalling. Ha ha. That was punny.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

On Farmville, Customer Service, and Man Boobs


The very word stirs emotions deep within the soul. Whether they be hatred, joy, or shame, they come bubbling to the surface like heartburn after Taco Bell.

For me, the emotion is shame. I bear before you, my very soul, as I admit... I do, in fact, play Farmville. I've been trying to quit! Really! I was doing good for a while but then I fell off the band wagon.

But I digress... the problem with Farmville is you start to see it appear in your daily life. I was happily driving to work today, singing to myself, when BAM! there they were... plots of lavender. In reality, they were just the work of landscapers. In my mind however, they were perfectly harvested bunches that were placed by the path. And... and... Oh Em GEE!!! Limited edition flax plants!

See the problem? Perhaps it was the lack of caffeine in my blood stream at that early hour. Perhaps I'm just crazy. Or perhaps both! I felt ashamed though. And dirty. Very very dirty.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Candicity: I am who I am

I have many thoughts that go through my head that I'd like to express. Sometimes I hold these thoughts in because they are not "appropriate" for the moment or may sound strange or god forbid, "uncouth". Here, I will vocalize them. If you find amusement by my musings, great! If you've had the same thoughts, even better! If you don't, I really don't give a rat's ass.

Welcome to Candicity. Where I am who I am.

Wipe your feet before entering.